Asian IR Summit

2024 Asian IR Summit

Join us at the Asian IR Summit, the premier event for hospitality top leaders and stakeholders of related industries. Delve into the future of integrated resorts and lifestyle hospitality with exclusive insights into cutting-edge advancements and strategic innovations. Learn from industry experts on how to enhance competitiveness and drive growth through technology and diversification. Engage in high-level discussions and explore case studies that showcase successful implementations. Network with visionaries and decision-makers and discover new opportunities to elevate your business. Don't miss this chance to be at the forefront of industry transformation. Register now to secure your place at this essential event for industry leaders!

Day 1 - IR Focus

Kick off the Asian IR Summit with our immersive Day 1 theme – “IR Focus”. Gain actionable strategies to navigate the current disruptive business environment and elevate your tourism offerings to new heights. Envision a future where your destination stands out as a vibrant hub, attracting global visitors with unparalleled experiences. Discover how the transformative potential of AI and innovative technologies can revolutionize integrated resorts, enhancing both operational efficiency and guest satisfaction. Engage with leading experts, participate in forward-thinking discussions, and arm yourself with the knowledge to drive your business forward. Don’t miss this chance to be at the cutting edge of industry innovation—join us for a day of inspiration and strategic insights.


Day 2 – Art Integration

The theme for our third edition is "Art Integration." We will delve into the profound impact of art on integrated resorts and other related industries, providing a platform for forward-thinking artists and industry leaders to exchange ideas. Together, we will explore the implementation and integration of art in resorts, art spaces, and guest experiences. Our goal is to enhance the industry's innovation capacity and competitiveness through diverse artistic expressions.

We cordially invite you to join us in this in-depth dialogue between art and industry. Share insights and experiences with peers, explore the execution and collaboration of art projects, and discover how various forms of art can be integrated into hotels and other public spaces to elevate ambiance and appeal. Through this event, we aim to foster industry integration, inspire participants, and create new opportunities for collaboration, driving the synergistic progress of culture, art, and business.

Day 3 – Sports 

Unlock the full potential of sports tourism at the Asian IR Summit. Dive into cutting-edge strategies that maximize the value of athlete IP and uncover the secrets to transforming cities into renowned sports hubs. Learn from industry experts how to harness the power of sports to drive tourism and economic growth. Explore case studies, innovative approaches, and best practices that turn local destinations into global sports meccas. Whether you’re looking to boost your city's profile or leverage sports events for tourism, this session is packed with insights and actionable strategies to help you succeed.


Day 3 – Entertainment

Uncover the secrets behind Macau's most successful performing arts and entertainment programs and their tactical execution at the Asian IR Summit. Immerse yourself in the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of amusement, and explore what’s next in the world of entertainment. Discover the artistry and strategic planning that drive these captivating performances, and learn how to create unforgettable experiences for your audiences. Engage with leading experts in the field, participate in interactive sessions, and gain insights into the future trends of performing arts & entertainment.